Hi, I’m Vineta Rendon, a European Graphic Designer, Iconist and visual Branding specialist living in Los Angeles.

I craft professional icons and create the visual side of brands using the laws of visual attraction, minimalism and storytelling. I do this so that great businesses can own the first impression and create fans. So they are clear, bold and distinctive in the eyes of their audience, who can immediately see what the company is about. 

I work at a global branding agency Siegel + Gale on multi-million dollar contracts, building visual branding for companies like Netgear, Credit Karma, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and others.

I'm a huge icon fan with a passion for real organic foods and sustainable products, because they enable people to be healthy and thrive. I grew up helping my grandmother grow half of the food we needed in her garden. From age 4, I was planting, weeding, harvesting and taking care the plants. Over the years I've sought out the secrets to Good health, and love promoting businesses that focus on making people healthier. 

I created Green Icon Shop to make it easier for green sustainable businesses to communicate with their customers. To bridge the gap between what their story is and how it's coming across.


Let's get you noticed and loved!

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