Gardening and Farming icons


+ Show, instead of Describe, communicating in 3 seconds or less, without making people read. 

+ Start telling your brand story instantly

+ Standard License for Personal Use, Commercial Work, Client Work. Limitations apply

  • What is Gardening and Farming icons package?

    • It is a package of 26 gardening and farming-related icons, designed to show instead to tell.
    • Created by a visual branding specialist, who works on big brands everyday — Credit Karma, Motorola, Netgear, VMware, Wells Fargo — to name a few.
    • Every detail is Crafted with precision to deliver top quality
  • Set includes these icons

    Tools, Barn, Silo, Tractor, Greenhouse, Pickup truck, Wheelbarrow, Field, Well, Watering can, Vegetable crate, Fruit crate, Crate, Seed packet, Tags, Sack, Growing, Bulbs, Sprouting, Growing roots, Bucket, Watering hose. 

  • Here is why you'll love them

    • Simplicity
      The icons are simple and crafted to perfection
    • Customizable stroke weight 
      Adjust the weight of the stroke easily and make them shine in whatever project you are creating
    • Ready to use 
      Whether you prefer to use the .png, .svg, .sketch. ai or .eps format, the icons are prepared and ready
  • You will receive 26 icons as

    • 2 .AI files (editable strokes, outlined paths - with global colors, for doing color changes quickly)
    • 2 .EPS files (CS5 versions. Editable strokes, outlined paths)
    • 1 .SKETCH file (Editable strokes)
    • 26 .SVG files (Outlined paths)
    • 78 .PNG files (@128px, @256px, @512)
  • Tech specs

    • License: Standard (Email us at greeniconshop@gmail.com for an Extended license instead)
    • File size: 3.7 MB package
    • Compatible with: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, all website builders
  • 100% Money Back guarantee

    I you don’t end up liking them or don’t end up using your license, just email me and we will give you a full refund.


    If you experience any problems, would like to ask a question or need an icon that's not part of the pack, please feel free to contact me.

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